ADR Insurance Marketing has over 37 years experience in the Life Insurance industry. Since 1978, we have been dedicated to helping the Insurance professional by matching them with the best product or carrier for a single client or for everyday use in any market. There are many products and many carriers and this site is not able to address everything an agent might need. There is always the need for that personal touch. We welcome your calls to answer your questions and help you find the products that are best for you and for your clients.

Mission statement      Our mission is to promote education and professionalism to the independent agent. Gone are the days of agencies and support systems that agents depended on to be successful. We want the independent agent of today to not only be successful in selling, but successful in helping their clients achieve their goals and have the right protection. Also to be a credit to their community and realize that the Life Insurance industry is about more than just  death and lowest premiums. The Life Insurance industry still has the best products for helping customers save for retirement or to save their retirement. The professional agent must continue to improve his knowledge of this great industry and use it to benefit everyone in his community. It is an industry with many rewards for both the true professional and the community they serve. 
Dedicated to the Insurance Professional