With over 40 years experience, ADR Insurance has weathered many economic storms. Our favorite expression is "with every economy is a new opportunity". Right now many agents are finding that the way they have been doing business is no longer working. Many agents have left the business or are in financial ruins. Yet there are many agents that are thriving and very successful. What is the difference? We have a free booklet that tells why. Besides this booklet, we have many other tutorials to help an agent improve in product knowledge and skills. They include:                     

1. THE QUESTION, the gateway to successful selling.                     
2. How to sell Critical illness.                     
3. How to sell Final Expense.                     
4. How to get all the referrals you need.                     
5. 'Stages of life' Insurance needs.                     
6. How and why to sell policies on children.                     
7. Tax Time Bomb, the biggest selling opportunity in 30 years.
8.  How to get all the clients you need to call you without leaving your office. Offered through out partner IMO Erik Rodin.

These are free for the asking.  We believe that we have so much to offer and help agents through today's minefield of selling and underwriting. Give us a